Reformation 500 Commemoration Event

In 1517 an Augustinian monk, Martin Luther, attached his 95 statements to the church door in Wittenburg, Germany. That action, mainly against the abuse of indulgences by the Roman Catholic church of the time, touched off a reformation throughout Europe that forever changed the face of Christianity.

Saturday evening, September 30, Southern Albertans met to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Over 250 people attended a Hymn Festival to mark the commemoration of that event. Many members from Good Shepherd were involved in the organization of the event and participated in the actual service as well. Pastor Andrew gave the welcome and brief history of what happened those many years ago and then, as ecumenical partners, we sang and prayed together in the wonderful setting of St Augustine’s Anglican Church. As one photo below shows, 10 clergy members, (Canon James Robinson was in the choir section) representing many different denominations, were involved in the service. An ecumenical choir of over 30 lead some of the hymns and many musicians, including guitars, organ, piano, trumpet, steel drums, contributed to the richness of the hymns. On behalf of the organizing committee, thank you to the many that were involved in this event. We heard nothing but positive comments about the event itself and many suggested that ‘we should do this again,’ a   testament to a very positive evening indeed!  

Wayne Street