Good Shepherd’s second vote on the proposed new constitution: Approved.
A second reading was held immediately after the service to vote on the draft of a new constitution for Good Shepherd. The congregation approved the constitution at this second reading (the first reading was approved on January 12) and it has now been forwarded to the ABT Synod for their approval.
Good Shepherd’s Annual General Meeting
The assembly moved to the Lower Fireside Room for soup and buns. Thanks to those who prepared, served and cleaned up. And thanks to the 44 who stayed to consume it and meet our quorum. The Bulletin of Reports is available and is inspiring to read of all the service we give and receive.
This was Pastor Kathy’s second AGM meeting with us and her first ‘official’ one – March 2, 2019 was her installation. We are grateful for her wisdom and insights, her leadership and service this past year. She led us in Dwelling in the Word using Col. 3: 12-17, which focussed on us being God’s chosen, who then clothe ourselves in humility, kindness, gentleness and patience. Live out forgiveness and experience peace. Live in gratitude to God so as to do everything in the name of Jesus.


2020 Council

Chair                                   Carolyn Ethier
Vice Chair                            Mark Heinen
Secretary                             Allyn Langager
Treasurer                             Cheryl Berg
Worship & Spiritual Care        Marla McGeorge
Youth & Faith Development    Hugh MacKay
Property                               Arnold Follinglo
Fellowship & Care                  Karen Peterson
Mission & Outreach                Wayne Street


The assembly approved a budget of $251, 035.00, which includes a capital budget of $12,850 for replacement of the east sanctuary windows to be paid for with monies from the Gifts and Memorials Fund, plus the Building Fund. Last year’s budget was just over $235, 000 and we received donations of about $220,000. Last year we were able to cover the back steps. In early 2020, work was completed to update the alarm system, upgrade the lighting in the basement rooms with LED fixtures, and get an off-season price on replacing the sanctuary windows (to be completed in the spring).
Good Shepherd serves under the generosity of your giving. The Gifts and Memorials Fund is our vehicle to accept those gifts given out of our gratitude, our celebration and in memory of loved ones. This year, the congregation named 3 projects that these gifts would support: 1) Replace the tables in the Upper Fireside Room; 2) Support the ABT synod’s scholarships to seminary students in Colombia; and 3) Carpet in the lower Fireside Room.
We also looked at six results from the Flourishing Congregations survey our congregation participated in last February. Three showed high agreement that we have clear values and beliefs guiding us. Another three revealed areas where our responses are more diverse, such as how do we respond to change, and other future focus. These are just a few areas council will be exploring with the congregation in more detail in the months ahead.