Tina Timm
  • Your council is focusing on an area (or two) each meeting. In April, we considered the Fellowship and Care and the area of Worship. For both areas we talked about our hopes for Good Shepherd, the relationships among the auxiliaries and the roles the leadership will play. We’ll work through the same themes for Property and for Youth and Faith Development next.
  • A small set of photos and titles of council members is being created for displaying who is serving you on council. It’s hoped this will help you recognize the people who are serving you and know who to contact with your concerns.  
  • We approved submitting Cheryl Berg’s name to the synod for nomination to the slate of candidates to attend the National Church Convention this summer. The delegates to the synod convention this June will elect delegates from the nominations from congregations.   We’ve talked to the parking lot snow removal folks about the possibility of them pushing the gravel back to where it was before it snowed.  
  • There is a large wall calendar in the office that we hope everyone who is planning an event at Good Shepherd will mark that event on it. This will help us avoid scheduling conflicts and make it easier for us to advertise your activities.