·    Council approved a draft budget which will be presented to the congregation at the AGM for their approval and adoption. The draft budget does present some changes from other years so members are encouraged to review it prior to the AGM.

·    Pastor mentioned that he was trying to visit as many shut in members as he could prior to Christmas. He also mentioned the caroling to our seniors which was scheduled for Sunday afternoon, December 18 and encouraged council members to join in.

·    The Worship and Arts committee presented a report outlining the plans they have made for services in the lower fireside room during the construction.

·    A gifts and memorial list was presented by Allyn and after some discussion it was decided that this was the list that would be presented in the bulletin of reports to the AGM. What this means is that any monies designated to gifts and memorial throughout 2017 will be directed to these projects as council sees fit to do so.

·    Allyn filed a report outlining some broad plans concerning the celebrations for the 60th anniversary for our church in May. A committee meeting will be convened early in the new year to designate other jobs and duties connected with the planning of this event.

·    Dan reported that the two events organized by the Missional Church committee, the neighborhood caroling, and the advent child care event for a Saturday morning, went very well. Although the air was crisp and cold for caroling there was good fellowship at the church afterwards and the gingerbread and shortbread cookies made by the children on the Saturday morning event were delicious.