Your council has again reviewed the draft constitution and agreed to make it available to members of Good Shepherd. We’ll use email as much as possible and provide a few printed copies for others. The phone tree will be asked to become involved in getting this news out to their group as well.  

Approving the new constitution requires two official meetings more than a month apart. Those are set for January 12 and February 23. On Sunday December 8th, we’ll hold an information meeting to allow for the questions you may have. The constitution drafting committee will be pleased to talk to you before and after those dates as well – that’s Wayne Street, Dan Ethier and Allyn Langager.  

After the congregation approves the constitution (twice with no changes), a copy is sent to the Alberta Synod Council for their approval and eventually we send it to the government’s office of registrations.  

The Nominating Committee is beginning its work in preparation for the AGM  in February. Council      appointed Helen Holland to serve in Sherry Hall’s place.  

Council has begun to investigate replacement windows for the sanctuary. We are also looking into installing new lighting in the Lower Fireside Room. We are still waiting for more detailed information about our Fire Alarm panel and how it can be properly upgraded.   As we look forward, we see that we may want to contract book keeping outside the congregation. This research is continuing.