Tina Timm
  • A number of Council members were away and unable to attend our meeting.  We met to continue our discussion on the Flourishing Congregation survey focussing on the "Internal" quadrant including Discipleship, Engaged Laity, Hospitable Community and Diversity.  It was not surprising that meaningful worship, good music and providing a sense of community rated high.  It was interesting to see a high priority identified in supporting World Missions but Ministering well to immigrants was at the bottom of the list.  Also rated high were Children's programs, activities for young people and Christian education.  Looking forward to the fall, and exploring learning opportunities and using our "gifts".
  • Review and focus on Youth and Faith Development.  Great learning and discussion opportunities over the last year.  Celebrated 2 Spiritual Gift classes led by Karen Stewardson and discussion on Gratitude led by Marla McGeorge during Lent.  Looking forward to brain storming ideas with the area co-ordinators and Pastor Kathy for exciting opportunities in the fall in adult studies and confirmation.  Possibility of expanding the Spirit group into two groups based on age.
  • Save the Date for the annual campout in Enchant Sept. 20-23.
  • Thanks to all who turned out for a successful spring cleaning bee!
  • We are determining the feasibility of accepting a gift of a Heinzman baby grand piano.
  • An offer for a Kuriakos Team to come to Good Shepherd to work with youth and other ministries could not be accepted this year because the timing would be right on the heels of Vacation Bible School.  We hope to look for dates next year further in advance for better timing possibilities.
  • Policies on electronic meetings, e-votes and Information Technology will be reviewed at next meeting.