Tina Timm

We’re pleased to have welcomed Pastor Kathy to council and to her first meeting with us.  

Council is asked to consider a couple of questions about Good Shepherd these next few months: 

 1. What might we be willing to give up?

2. What might we be willing to add?

3. What might we be willing to change?  

Our Worship Councillor says they are planned till the end of Easter.

The Fellowship Councillor asks us to remember the pre-service morning snack coming soon.

The Property Councillor reports that the installation of the LED lights in the SS Room is complete. The Executive tells us the directory is very nearly ready to go to print.  

The Flourishing Congregations survey got a 71% response! The Flourishing Congregations group will now compile the statistics on Good Shepherd and send us a report.  

Council has set the dates for our meetings: Apr 11 May 23 June 13 July Aug 8 Sept  19 Oct  17 Nov 21 December  Jan 9 Feb 13 AGM  last Sunday of Feb. 2020