Tina Timm
  • Your council discussed two areas of ministry as we work toward creating our new format of governance. We considered the hopes and roles and responsibilities for the Councillor for Youth and Faith Development as well as the Councillor for Property.  
  • We are learning and planning for ways to offer communion to those that are homebound.  
  • The photo display of your council is on the wall. It is intended to help you know who you may approach when you want a need or concern shared with council.  
  • There is a year’s calendar in the office on which we hope all scheduled activities can be added. It’s hoped that this will help planning and scheduling.  
  • As summer approaches and members are often worshipping elsewhere, we pry you will remember that the needs of Good Shepherd remain. An excellent and easy way to assure regular financial support is to sign up for PAR. (That’s Pre-Authorized Remittance.) Simple forms are available in the office.  
  • We are very happy the Rev. Andrew Horne will be with us till the end of 2018. We know we are blessed by his ministry with us.