Tina Timm

· Camp Kuriakos has a Team available to visit congregations for a 3 day visit to assist with such activities as youth activities, worship or service projects. They will come at a cost of travel and food. We would need to provide billets, as well.  Hopefully, we can arrange dates that work for them and for our youth.

· Council is happy to accept an offer from the Norwegian Whist Club to pay for the purchase of an upright deep freeze. Thank you. We have started an investigation into where it might best be located and if any adjustments to existing equipment, spaces or other requirements are necessary. · We agreed to have our carpets in the lower rooms cleaned this summer on the Friday after VBS. · We agreed to hire window cleaning and rain gutter clearing if this is not completed by volunteers on our Spring Clean-up Day.

· Your council is working on two policies. One on how we might conduct an electronic vote or even hold an electronic meeting. This E-vote policy would list the conditions to hold such a vote or meeting. A second policy is being drafted to cover Information Technology (An IT policy).

· A committee was struck to draft a revised constitution based on the recommendations from the national church and the synod. Wayne Street, Dan Ethier and Allyn Langager will work with council to have a draft ready before the 2020 AGM.

· Council reviewed the report from the Flourishing Congregations survey. You indicated that you appreciate dearly our worship, the preaching, our music, our hospitality and fellowship. It is helpful to us that so many responded by completing the survey. This assures us of the accuracy of the information we’ll use to make some decisions. Thank you for being part of this self-assessment. Council will consider the results over the next several of its meetings.