Tina Timm
  • The council thanked the Call Committee and declared its duties to have been completed. A small group is being created to form a Transitional Team to help Darcy and Pastor Kathy Calkins as they  settle in to Good Shepherd. It’s planned that we will hold a few small gatherings in homes as an opportunity for Pastor Kathy and Darcy to meet us. Previous pastors have really appreciated this opportunity to fairly quickly meet most of us. The December worship services led by Pastor Andrew are set for Dec. 2 and for Dec. 23, 24, & 25. We’ll hold communion on Dec. 2nd, 23rd and 25th. The service time for the Christmas Eve is 5:30 and for the Christmas Day it’s 11:00. These will be the last services with Pastor Andrew before they move East. Your council took a moment to express our gratitude for his spirit-filled service these past months. We’ve appreciated creative and deep sermons, wise and compassionate leadership and wonderful fellowship during his short time with us. We pray that he and Heidi will sense God’s grace to them while they are in New Brunswick.   
  • Your council has operated under a different structure this year and to reflect this newness, we’ll be asking for the reports for the Annual General Meeting to be submitted through the Councillors. Most reports will fit under one of the five areas:  Mission and Outreach (Norm Gunness), or Property (Blair Sanderson), or Youth and Faith Development (Mark Heinen) or Fellowship and Care (Bernice Megli) or  Worship (Marla McGeorge). These concise reports can be forwarded to one of these councillors in mid-January.  
  • Your council has begun considering the budget for 2019. We hope everyone will realize that we’ve maybe become accustomed to living with expenses lower than when  we had a full-time pastor.  
  • Councillor for Property, Blair, reports that we will have inspectors look at the fireplaces as a safety check. Councillor for Youth and Faith Development, Mark, told of the Spirited Group holding 2 events, one being in Coaldale at the “Night of Lights”. Councillor of Mission and Outreach, Norm, reported on the Joint Council meeting at which Michelle Pulsifer reported  her findings from visiting earlier with the councils of Christ Trinity and Good Shepherd as well as some neighbouring sources. Our Councillor for Worship,  Marla, reported on the work done to secure preachers and service leaders from now till February. Councillor for Fellowship and Care, Bernice, reminded us of the successful recent Potluck.