Tina Timm

You council is considering asking for an extension to last year’s request to set aside the portion of the constitution that describes the boards so that we could experiment for a year with the 5 councillors. As we work towards rewriting the constitution, we have just learned that the synod is creating a template by which we can display the old and the new on computer screen side by side. This will make the final stages of writing much easier for us. We also want to adjust a few things as we’ve come to realize that the work load in  a couple of areas could use additional help. We are  confident that the smaller council that we used this past year has been helpful and a format that we want to adjust and eventually adopt.

Council reviewed the Employment Contract that will be presented to the congregation at the Call Meeting.

We set the AGM for Feb. 24th, 2019.

Council will begin budget planning soon, so let us know of ideas or needs for our consideration.