Tina Timm
  • Council welcomed guests Wayne S., Michelle P. and Myrna H. of the Missional Team to our meeting for them to share their experience over these past several years. Each spoke of having their outlook and focus profoundly changed by this journey. They recalled enjoying making connections with our neighbourhood, and of growing and learning with each other as they spent time together. We heard of the hard work of mind, body and soul they invested and now deeply appreciate how they’ve grown.  
  • Council approved moving forward with having the back steps covered with a rubberized surface. It will bring the steps back to a smooth and safer finish.  
  • Our fire safety inspection has shown that our fire alarm system is now out of date and needs to be updated. Quotes are being gathered for that upgrade. Both the alarm pulls and the main service box have to be replaced and installed.  
  • We had planned to discuss the third portion of the results from the Flourishing Congregations report, but chose to defer this to the next meeting of council.  
  • Council approved rentals to two separate single-events for the use of our lower rooms.  
  • Council approved a policy for the use of E-votes by council. This establishes procedures for council to be able to make an urgent decision when it is impossible for a quorum to be called together quickly. It is intended to be used for yes/no questions or when a choice must be made between 2 options to resolve an issue.
  • The constitution drafting committee (Dan E., Wayne S. and Allyn L.) distributed a first draft copy to each council member that lists adjustments for Good Shepherd to the model constitution. The draft includes a description of the present format of council. This draft proposal will be discussed at the October meeting. When it gains the council’s approval, we forward it to the synod. After the synod approval, we then present it to the congregation. It will be considered at two separate meetings about 30 days apart. It will be available to you at that time.  
  • This is the time for you or your group to let us know what your needs might be for the next year’s budget. It would be helpful to have these requests in writing. Thanks.