Sunday worship with Holy Communion premieres at 10:15 am this week on our YouTube Channel and remains available afterward.

Youtube link:

If you would like to participate in communion, please follow directions below.

1.         Clear a space on a table close at hand.

2.         Set a placement, doily or other cloth (the corporal which means “Body”)

3.         You may want to light a candle and set a cross on your table

4.         Set a plate for the bread.  Any plate from your cupboard is fine.  (the paten which means “to lay open”)

5.         Any bread, bun, or cracker, gluten free is appropriate.  Ensure enough for each person of your household

6.         Set a glass or glasses from your cupboard:  wine goblet, shot glass, water glass, etc. (the chalice which means “drinking cup”)

7.         Wine or grape juice (does not need to be red).

8.         All the elements should be consumed during the meal.   

The complete worship bulletin and sermon are found below.